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Working Party – Important information

Tin Mill Angling Club (hereafter known as “the club”) believe that the work to be undertaken is important in assuring the future of the club’s assets, but it’s overriding priority is for the safety and well being of you and all the others involved in the work. Working parties can be dangerous events and you must be aware of the potential hazards around you at all times and be aware that the actions you take can affect the safety of those around you.

What to expect on a working party;

A working party will be arranged at an appropriate start time set by the organiser. When everyone is present a brief description of the work to be undertaken will be given so everyone understands what the work will involve. If you are unclear about something then please ask.

General work to be undertaken at a working party :

NO WORK IS TO BE UNDERTAKEN UNLESS APPROVED BY AN OFFICAL OF THE CLUB EITHER VERBALLY OR IN WRITTEN FORM. (A club “official” shall be regarded as a representative of the club either appointed by the committee or a current member of the committee). REGARD MUST BE GIVEN TO CURRENT ENVIRONMENT AGENCEY LEGISLATION IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

Health & Safety :

What do I need to bring? Equipment and other information;

Working parties can take place in locations with uneven and slippery surfaces, sometimes with jagged sharp rocks. Unprotected feet are not allowed on any working party. You must wear suitable footwear and appropriate clothing. Long sleeved clothing and hard warring trousers should be considered. In warm weather don’t forget sun cream, hat and plenty of water. In colder conditions don’t forget to bring warm clothing, hot drink and consider a change of clothing when you’re finished.

Weils Disease may be present, remember to bring gloves to protect your hands from cuts. Wounds should be covered with waterproof plasters and make sure you have a personal hand sanitizer. First aid kits are not provided by the club so it’s a good ideas to invest in one to put in the back of your vehicle. Safety glasses are also a good idea and any other safety ware you feel you may need?

If you have equipment such as shovels, spades or cutting tools such as bow saws and hammers, these would be especially useful on the day, so please do bring them along.

Materials for the day such as wire, planters, stakes, pallets, rope, drainage materials fence posts etc. will be provided by the club but if you have access to any materials or can help the club source such materials please do let the organisers know.

Working party members undertake work entirely at their own risk. The club accepts no liability for harm or injury of individuals or groups while participating. The club also accepts no liability for loss or damage of an individual’s property. Finally, working parties are an excellent opportunity to learn about the water, meet members and play an active part in the club’s future. Enjoy your day and be safe.





Event Date:______________












at Risk


Risk Factor

(High /

Medium / Low)



Measures Required

To Control The Risk


Action To Be

Taken By


Tick Hazard where identified

Slips and trips at the water sources (edges)


Contact with contaminated water (chemical, substances, polluted, biological, etc.) Weils’ Disease.



Manual handling and lifting hazards



Insecure banks and unmarked edges of water


Exposure to extreme weather CONDITIONS, whether it’s direct sunlight or cold temperatures


Use of electrical equipment, power tools & other machinery around water




Floating or submerged debris







Equipment failure





Tow path (public assess areas) where applicable.










Falling in water













Participants, Committee members, bailiffs, volunteers, contractors

(in all cases below)



























































Appropriate footwear and clothing to be worn. Care taken to identify potential hazards (slippery stones, tree roots etc.)


Gloves and disinfectant to be used where possible. Any medical situation arising from exposure to be reported immediately to the organiser.


Lift only what is safe and reasonable. Work in pairs to ensure load is shared. Be aware of potential hazards around you.


Take great care when near water to ensure good footing on banking. Don’t assume banking is solid.


Wear sun cream / hat in extreme sun and appropriate warm clothing when in cold conditions. Always take regular breaks!


Appropriate PPE to be worn at ALL times. Ensure a safe working environment. Be aware of potential hazards around you and others. Be responsible for those around you and your own welfare.


Be aware of debris in spate conditions on the river specifically and in situations where entering and leaving the water is required. Work in pairs to ensure each other’s safety at all times. Test water in front of you before wading where the bottom can’t be seen.


Equipment to be tested and found to be in good working order before work commences. Stop using equipment immediately. Report any and all equipment malfunction or failure to the working party organiser.


Area to be monitored by all working party members at all times for dangers to themselves and members of the public or fishermen.





Injuries to be reported to the working party organiser. Injury to be assessed by the working party organiser and appropriate medical assistance / treatment sought straight away if needed.


Care and attention on banking at all times to be maintained. If someone should fall in, action should be taken safely and quickly to ensure the person exists the water safely. Measures should be taken to ensure the person is warm. Seek medical advice and help if needed.


Participants & Working party organiser

In all cases


Name of assessor (PRINT):                                                                                                  


Signature:                                                                                                                              Date:                                                              


Please note: risk assessment must be signed and dated by organiser and made available to all working party members.

Contractors (where paid by and on behalf of Tin Mill Angling Club) should have their own risk assessment and appropriate insurance in place BEFORE work commences.

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