Anyone who has already purchased a permit for this year will have a reduction next year depending on when we can go fishing again the amount to be decided when we come out of the present situation or i will send you a refund in line with the amount of time the waters are closed.  We will have to decide what our priorities will be when things return back to normal as income will be vastly reduced.    Keep safe & hope to see you sooner rather than later. Many have contacted me to say they do not want any refund & to carry on the good work once the fishery is open again.

Environment Agency 

The Environment Agency have set up a National Incident hotline & are operating 24/7, to try & remove any anglers breaking the rules. They said that they will almost definitely be up in the court of law & facing massive punishments. Heres the number if anyone wants to report anyone thats breaking the law ie fishing.   0800807060  

On Friday 13th December 150Lb of Bream weighing about 1Lb each, at a cost of £10 per Lb were put in the Silver Side along with a few Ide pictures of them are shown below. Along with the other introduction of fish on 28th October the total  cost has been £4000

On Monday 28th October 2019 approximately 200 Carp were put in the Carp Side & 200 Ide in the Silver Side, pictures of these fish below


Annual General meeting report   At the clubs A.G.M. the following alterations were passed,  1 No floating baits will be allowed on the Clubs waters, Floating Bread, Dog Biscuits etc, as the fishes mouths are getting damaged by Anglers striking before the fish has swallowed the bait. 2 Carp matches will remain at 1pm Draw Fish 2pm to 7pm 3 Two keepnets will be required on the Carp matches, fish must be equally distributed between each net, this will reviewed if Carp weights get larger.   All  new rules come into force March 16th 2020

The price will be the same for 2020 as this year, the same committee was elected, thanks for their commitment to the Club & all their hard work.

The Winter League 2019/20 has been cancelled due to lack of interest, a few Silver matches will take place on the Carp Side, but will not affect anyone fishing on the Carp Side.

Letter from an angler applying to become a new member who went to look at the lake.   To say i was taken aback by the beauty of the place was an understatement, this doesn’t feel like you are in Yorkshire, it feels more like paradise. The lovely weather & the gorgeous Lily flowers helped. Sitting there will be a pleasure whether i catch a fish or blank.

The Road to Tin Mill has been repaired at a cost of nearly £1000 paid for by the club, using a different type of filler, please drive carefully & not race as this loosens the filler.

The 100Lb match weight was broken for the second time by Gary Yorke on the 28th July Carp match, he weighed 105Lb 03oz.

Will members please brush their Carp Mats & not soak them in the net dip solution as it costs the Club nearly £50 every time we have to top them up with the disinfectant.

On the Carp Match on Sunday 30th June Mark Maloney became the first Angler to catch above 100Lb on a Tin Mill Carp match, he weighed 114Lb 13oz but he had too many fish in his first net so he could have added 8Lb 9oz to his weight, congratulations to him as he will always be the first to do this feat.

On Tuesday 12th March contractors electro netted the inlet that feeds Tin Mill Dam, there were many species & sizes of fish trapped in the inlet, they were put back in the Tin Mill Dam. We got approximately 130Lb of fish from the inlet mainly small  fish. Bream, Roach, Ide, Chub, Perch

Members are reminded that all Carp must be landed by Landing net & returned to the water by Landing Net not thrown back in.

On Wednesday 20th December 2018 330Lb of Carp weighing 1 to 2lb were put in the Carp Side along with some Bream 1 – 2lb in weight, the rest of the 1-2lb Bream were put in the Silver Side along with 250 8″ Ide, 200 8″ to 10″ Bream, also 60 8″ to 10″ Chub, the total cost was £4800. Unfortunately the pictures i took did not come out.

The Winter League for 2018/19 has been cancelled due to lack of interest

2017 £2000 of Crucian Carp & Tench  were put in the Silver Side pictures of them are below

Below are the Carp introduced into the Carp side on 19th October at a cost of £1750, they are from our usual supplier Epperstone Park Hatcheries of Nottingham.

2017 A.G.M Report

New rules passed were
Only in line feeders to be used & they must be free running, the x safe feeders will be allowed
Ropes will be put across the Silver side with tassels on to try to deter the Cormorants this winter
Along with dummies in the Carp side on the Islands. If you spot anybody interfering with them please report it to the Secretary.
The Road to Tin Mill has been repaired again, please use responsibly


On 12th December 125 Bream, 156 Ide, 114 Chub were put in the Silver Side & 114 Barbel were put in the Carp side all fish were 8” to 10” the total cost was £2500. We also have had the KHV disease controls lifted, we will still carry on with the dipping tanks.

250 Ide 8” to 10” & 250 Chub 8” to 10” where put in the Silver Side on 13th November 2015 at a cost to the Club of £1000

270Lb of Carp 10” plus & 186 Carp 8” to 10” were put in the Carp Side on 19th October.

Do not leave Tackle unattended A member left his holdall outside his car & then went back to get his basket from the river side of the Carp side, whilst he was doing this a silver van came down the track driving erratically stopping & starting, when he got back to his car his holdall was gone.
Members must not leave their tackle unattended in case this vehicle returns to try the same. I have been the Secretary for above thirty years & it is the first time anything like this has happened. So I ask all members to keep alert. Roger Preston Secretary

Entry to matches run by the Club

As the matches run by the club are getting more popular it is important that all Anglers wishing to fish any match must phone the Secretary to ensure that a place is available on the relevant match. If the match is full & you turn up on the day we will have to turn you away, which we don’t want to do.

On the Tin Mill Silver matches the maximum number is 17 Anglers in the summer & on the Carp Side 24 Anglers.

– ——————————————–


500 8″ to 10″ Carp were introduced into the Carp Side on Tuesday 28th October at a cost of £2000

All nets and carp nets must be dipped in disinfectant Before and after fishing. It is important that nets are dipped before leaving the fishery to make sure there is no transfer of any disease & the only way anglers can ensure that no diseases are spread to other waters is by dipping the nets & then ensuring they are dry before going on any other fishery.

We must work to guidelines from Cefas for the next few years.



250 10″ to 12″ Barbel which were put in the Carp Side on Friday 22nd November at a cost of £2685.

Some of the 750 F1 hybrid carp, which have been put in the carp side of the Tin Mill Dam on the 17th of October.